BCWA President’s UNDV Perth Speech

Kevin DicksonSpeech given by our President Kevin Dickson on 7 May 2016 at the United Nations Day of Vesak event Perth:

Good afternoon everyone. Welcome to the United Nations Day of Vesak – Perth, hosted by the Buddhist Council of WA  with the kind assistance of the Office of Multicultural Affairs.
I will begin by acknowledging our invited guests, Eleni Evangel MLA Member for Perth (representing WA Premier Colin Barnett and Minister Mike Nahan), Margaret Quirk MLA Member for Girrawheen (representing Leader of the Opposition Mark McGowan), Ajahn Brahm Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery and  Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of WA, Rebecca Ball Executive Director of OMI Perth, Cliff Morris from MOT, Sangha and Members of all Member groups and temples, Representatives and members of all other Buddhist groups here today, Singers,  Performers, Volunteers, Ladies and gentlemen
Thank you all for being here today.. Read more »

Prime Minister’s Vesak Message 2016




PM Turnbull Vesak 2016 Message FABC 480pix


Opening of New Buddhist Nun’s Monastery – Gidgegannup

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.50.38 AMThe new buildings at Dhammasara Buddhist Nun’s Monastery in the outskirts of Perth, Western Australia were officially opened on 17th Jan 2016. The Master of Ceremony was Dennis Sheppard and there were messages given by Minister Mike Nahan (WA Treasurer and Minister of Multicultural Interests), Janine Freeman (MP for Mirrabooka), Ajahn Brahmavamso (Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of WA), Ven Hassapana  (Abbot of Dhammasara), Cecilia Mitra (President of BSWA), Troy King (Builder) and Adrian Price (Architect). Read more »

Secular Western Buddhism Course at Mandurah

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.40.03 AMThe New Year is traditionally a time when many people consider making changes to their lives. Often these resolutions fail very quickly because they were not prepared enough or held on to unrealistic expectations. This year the Dharmadatu Buddhist Order and Sangha are providing an opportunity to discover a 21st century, practical solution to the everyday worries of living in such a fast paced and highly stressful society. This new course that is being presented, has been carefully designed to be an overview of the basic aspects of the Buddha’s original communication from a secular Western perspective. It is a down to earth, practical introduction to the simple methods outlined by the Buddha as a means to move away from worrying towards the development of peace of mind. Read more »

Climate Change Statement published by Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils


For the benefit of all beings the Australian Buddhist community urges world leaders meeting in Paris this year to reduce the mining and use of coal and other fossil fuels. Instead of increased coal production we encourage the Australian government to actively pursue the development of renewable energy technologies and help developing countries toward the same end. In the face of overwhelming scientific consensus, urgent action is needed to avoid the catastrophic damage to the earth that climate change will bring if not halted.

Coal is the dirtiest fossil fuel. Besides contributing to carbon dioxide production it causes enormous damage to human health and local ecosystems. The leadership of every nation of the world is needed now more than ever to help transition the world from coal power to renewable clean energy.

The Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils encourages practical changes at the personal, national and global levels to tackle climate change. Personal awareness and action is encouraged to reduce one’s personal contribution to climate change, while government and industry should take responsibility to lead our society to a sustainable future. In addition to reducing the human carbon footprint, we should address human over-population and animal farming to further manage the degradation of the environment.

As Buddhists we place a special importance on the health of the world’s natural environment. It was in the forest that the Buddha was born, had his awakening experience and passed away. The Buddha respected all forms of life and the sanctity of nature, and hence we should protect against the deforestation that is threatening to remove an important natural producer of oxygen and consumer of carbon dioxide.