Welcome and Support for MH370 Families in Perth, Western Australia

The members of the Buddhist Council of WA welcome families of flight MH370 to Perth. We stand ready to offer support and assistance. Any family member of a passenger of the missing plane who has or intends to come to Perth, Western Australia is welcome to contact us on mobile phone number 040 798 1824 (English) or + 618 9354 1245 (Mandarin, Ven Jayru of Buddha Bliss Culture Mission). The BCWA is composed of Buddhists of varied backgrounds and will endeavour to offer support in the native languages of the families concerned. We hope to work with the broader Perth community and other faith groups in supporting our special guests in Perth at this very difficult time.

西澳佛教协会(BCWA)的会员们欢迎马航MH370班机的家属们来到柏斯,我们已准备好支援和协助你们。任何一位马航失联班机乘客的家属已经来到或者想到西澳柏斯,欢迎与我们联络,英语请拨+61 407981824,华语请拨+618 93541245(觉如法师)。西澳佛教协会是由各种不同背景的佛教徒所组成,我们将努力以家属的本国语言给予协助,希望在这个艰难的时刻,能与柏斯其他社团和其他宗教信仰的团体一起合作,支援我们的贵宾。

Special talk by Ajahn Brahm (Friday 4th April 2014)

The Buddhist Society of WA (a member of BCWA) acknowledges the prolonged difficulty faced by the families and loved ones of the passengers on missing plane MH370.  To offer support and guidance to the families and loved ones, they have requested  their Spiritual Director, Ajahn Brahm to give a special talk on Friday 4 April at 8pm.

The talk is on How to Deal with Uncertainty such as Not Knowing if your Loved One is Still Alive.This talk will be streamed over the internet live for a global audience and after the talk, questions from overseas will be answered. A copy of this talk will be made available online as usual.

The B.S.W.A. livestream page is here:


Sri Lankan Foor Fair 22nd Mar 2014

Mark your diary Sat 22nd March 10:30am – 3:30pm for the Sri Lankan temple’s fundraising Food Fair at 78 Austin Avenue Kenwick.

Award Winning Film Screening 1st March at Curtin Uni

We are excited to announce this film on the life of Siddharta Gautama. More information available here.

Please contact Ms Lucky by email: asec@bswa.org to order your tickets.

Lama Ole Nydahl Australian Tour February 2014

“Mind is like space – open, clear and limitless ..." – Lama Ole Nydahl

Buddhism in the West

12th Feb, Wednesday, Public Talk with Lama Ole Nydahl

7:30pm, tickets: $18 / $15 concession
State Library of Western Australia
(located in the Perth Cultural Centre)
25 Francis St, Perth WA 6000

Fearless Death – A Buddhist Perspective

Public Talk with Lama Ole Nydahl

7:30pm, tickets: $18 / $15 concession
Fremantle Town Hall
8 William St, Fremantle WA 6160

There is no need to register for the Perth program. For more information, contact perth2014@diamondway.org.au Read more »

Public Notice Regarding Buddhist Conference in Perth

“In response to some queries we have received, the Buddhist Council of WA would like to inform the public that we are not supporting the Buddhist Conference being held at Trinity College at U.W.A.

We would also like to state that the organisers Estonian Nyigma / “Buddhism in Australia” are not members of the B.C.W.A.”

- BCWA Committee 4th Feb 2014

These are two news stories which you can read here and here.

Public warned about ‘fake monks’ collecting money in the city

The Buddhist Council of WA supports the actions of Consumer Protection which has issued an alert to the public to be wary of men purporting to be Buddhist monks asking for donations, saying they may not be genuine.

This news report is from 720 ABC  Perth (6th Jan 2014):

“The director who oversees Scamnet at Consumer Protection, Dave Hillyard, says the department has received a number of reports in recent weeks of these people operating in CBD and in Mandurah. “They walk up to individuals in the street, they are dressed in saffron robes and they are offering a token that looks like a gold coin,” Dave Hillyard said. “They say they are collecting funds and say that other people have donated money and open up a list to show that people have donated $20, $30 or $50 and asking people to make a donation. “They have very poor English skills, so it’s not like a patter of words to people, they are just communicating and then asking for a donation.

“Our concern is that they are not who they say they are.” Read more »