About Us

The BCWA was formed in 2005 to serve as a peak body to represent the Buddhist community at government level and national levels. The Buddhist Council of Western Australia is a member of the Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils. We are made up of all three of the major denominations of Buddhism.

We welcome new members:

To be a member you have to be a Buddhist organisation which is registered in WA. The annual membership fee is $150 and a copy of your organisation’s Constitution is required. When a duly filled Application Form is received, membership is conferred at a BCWA committee meeting by vote and in accordance with our Constitution.

Please download the BCWA Membership Application Form (pdf file) here


BCWA Management Committee

Executive Committee for 2016/2017:
President: Boon C Tan (Buddhist Society of WA)
Vice-President: U Thunla (Tisarana Buddhist Society)
Treasurer: Bunthan Chan (Cambodian Buddhist Society WA)
Hon. Secretary: Marlene Robins (Hayagriya Buddhist Society)

Committee Members for 2016/2017:

Cecilia Mitra (Buddhist Society of WA)
Kevin Dickson (Diamond Way Buddhist Centre)
Tholla Chan (Cambodian Buddhist Society of WA)
Prasena Gunasekera, (Sri Lankan Vihara)


Room 2, Australia Asia Association Building
275 Stirling Street, East Perth, WA 6000

ABN Number: 58 179 331 251

Email: info_new@wa.buddhistcouncil.org.au

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To serve as the representative organisation for Buddhist temples, groups and organisations in Western Australia.
  2. To liaise with local government and State and Commonwealth government departments and agencies on behalf of its members.
  3. To promote the interest of member organisations and the Buddhist religion.
  4. To assist in the resolution of disputes between member organisations, if mutually invited, by arranging for independent mediation.
  5. To foster a spirit of fellowship, co-operation, friendship and goodwill between all Buddhist groups in Western Australia.
  6. To facilitate the exchange of information and resources between members regarding their respective activities.
  7. To serve as a forum for the discussion of matters of common interest to members.
  8. To work for peace and harmony through inter-religious co-operation.
  9. To act in any way to promote the interests and ideals of Buddhism amongst the community at large.
  10. To encourage and promote the development of social welfare activities.
  11. To encourage the development and dissemination of resources on Buddhism in Western Australia.
  12. To encourage member organisations to conduct public talks, forums and seminars on Buddhism and other related subjects.
  13. To represent the views of the broader Buddhist community on matters of public interest and significance related to Buddhism.


Executive Committee for 2015/2016:
President: Kevin Dickson (Diamond Way Buddhist Association of WA)
Vice-President: Bunthan Chan (Cambodian Buddhist Society of WA)
Treasurer: Jake Mitra (Buddhist Soc WA)
Hon. Secretary: (vacant)

Committee Members for 2015/2016:
Tholla Chan (Cambodian Buddhist Society of WA)
Boon Tan (Buddhist Soc WA)
Ramani Gunasekera, (Sri Lankan Vihara)
Gunadasa Perera (Sri Lankan Vihara)

This website is maintained by BCWASecretary (secretary@wa.buddhistcouncil.org.au)