2017/2018 New Committee

Executive Committee for 2017/2018: President: Boon C Tan (Buddhist Society of WA) Vice-President: Kevin Dickson (Diamond Way Buddhist Centre) Treasurer: Bunthan Chan (Cambodian Buddhist Society WA) Hon. Secretary: Marlene Robins (Hayagriya Buddhist Society) Committee Members for 2017/2018: Cecilia Mitra (Buddhist Society of WA) Stewart Jarvis (Diamond Way Buddhist Centre) Tholla Chan (Cambodian Buddhist Society of WA) Prasena Gunasekera, (Sri […]

2016/17 President’s Report

Dear BCWA Members, Committee and Representatives   Buddhist Council of Western Australia President’s Report 2016/17 The BCWA continues to work on behalf of the Buddhist community in Western Australia through many areas. We are becoming a more important link between ourselves and especially government and the services they provide, such as funding, visa and social […]

Ullambana ceremony and remembrance of the departed in 2017 in Western Australia

The Ullambana ceremonies in August and September 2017 in Western Australia. This is one of the ceremonies Buddhists do to respect the ancestors and departed ones. This video shows the ceremony performed by the Buddha Mandala Monastery in Chittering, Quan Te Am at Nollamara, Chua Chahn Giac in Perth and remembrance of the departed by […]

Jimmy Barnes on ‘the first day I showed any courage’

Rock icon Jimmy Barnes says the day he first asking for help was “probably the first day where I showed any courage”. Tweet

Holy Relics from Great Stupa of Universal Compassion

Holy relics from the Great Stupa of Universal Compassion (Bendigo) are on exhibition at Hayagriva Buddhist Centre – 64 Banksia Terrace, Kensington, Perth, Western Australia 6151. Viewing is open every day from 10am to 6pm between Saturday 14 October and Sunday 22 October. In many of the world’s major faiths holy relics are important objects […]

Donation to Rohingya orphans in Bangladesh

Donation to Rohingya orphans in Bangladesh – presented at the at the Jhana Grove Retreat Centre at Serpentine in Western Australia on Sunday 8 October 2017 . The donation was facilitated by the Australian Sangha Association and Federation of Australian Buddhist Council Tweet